What does 500 Wii points cost?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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5 euros. Oughta be something between 4 and 6 dollars.

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Q: What does 500 Wii points cost?
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How much does 500 wii points cost?

Every wii point costs 0.01 US $, so 500 would cost 5$

How much does Pokemon Rumble cost?

Pokemon rumble costs 1 500 wii points or $15

Does Wii internet cost anything?

All you have to pay is 500 Wii points in the shop channel.

Is this a one time fee for Wii internet and what is 500 Wii points?

it is a one-time fee and 500 wii points is about 5 dollars....

What does 1000 Wii points cost?

if you do the math, the price is apenny a point. so 1,000 points will cost 10.00 dollars. BUT, the minimum you can get is 1,000. you cannot get 500 points cards

Is the Wii Internet free?

Yes and no. The internet channel used to cost 500 wii points, so if you payed the 500 wii points (equivalent to $5.00), then the software did cost something to get on the internet. However, the internet on the Wii is either connected (usually wirelessly, but could be wired) to the internet source in your home. You are already paying for the internet, but you are just able to browse on the Wii.

Do you get a 1000 Wii points when you buy the Wii?

No you just get a Wii. You have to buy points. (1000 points cost about $10)

How many Wii Points does the your Pokemon Ranch cost?

1000 Wii Points

Where can I get Mario Brothers Three for the Wii?

by it for 500 wii points ($5.00) on the wii shop channel

How much is Pokemon Ranch on the Wii?

It's 500 Wii points and it's fab!

Can you still get the 500 Wii points that you get on your birthday when you register your Wii with your club Nintendo in the Wii shop channel in 2009?


When will the full version of the Wii Internet be available?

It is currently available for 500 wii points () in the US.