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Trade the poliwhirl while it holds the item King's Rock then ask for the politoed back from the person you traded it to.

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Q: How do you evolve Poliwhirl into Politoed in Pokemon FireRed?
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Where do you get politoed in pokemon firered?

you can get a poliwhirl or a poliwag and evolve to poliwhirl!! then trade poliwhirl holding a king's rock.

How do you evolve poliwrath in Pokemon FireRed?

Poliwrath is the last form for poliwag if you used a water stone when it was a poliwhirl. However if you have poliwhirl and have it hold a kings rock then trade it it will evolve to a politoed.

What Pokemon does kings rock evolve?

slowpoke to slowking poliwhirl to politoed

How poliwhirl evolve to politoed in Pokemon Crystal?

you must trade with gold or silver in order for poliwhirl to evolve. kings rock

How do you get a poletoed on FireRed?

To get a politoed, you must get a poliwag to evolve into poliwhirl, then trade your poliwhirl while holding a king's rock for it to become a politoed. You can also do this with slowpoke for slowking (which i did cuz i love slowking.)

How does poliwhirl evolve into politoed on Pokemon soulsilver?

Take a leaf stone and use it on him.

When does poliwhirl evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

When you give the poliwhirl a water stone

At what level does Poliwhirl evolve in Pokemon?

Poliwhirl evolves into poliwrath when you use a Water Stone on it. It can also evolve into politoed if you give it a King's Rock to hold and trade it. It does not evolve by level.Poliwhirl evolves into poliwrath when you use a Water Stone on it. It can also evolve into a politoed if you trade it while it's holding a King's Rock.Poliwhirl does not evolve at a level. Poliwhirl can evolve into poliwrath with a water stone, or poliwhirl can evolve into politoed when it is traded while holding a kings rock.Hope I helped!

How do you get a politoad on Pokemon SoulSilver?

you evolve poliwhirl into politoed with trade while holding kings rock

What Pokemon evolves with a kings rock?

king's rock evolves poliwhirl into politoed and slowpoke into slowking when they are traded

Can poliwhirl evolve into politoed Pokemon soul silver?

Yes, he can, by trading him whilst he is holding a king's rock.

What is king's rock for in FireRed?

Effect: Occasionally causes targets of the Pokémon's moves to flinch.Secondary effect: Evolves a Poliwhirl/Slowpoke into a Politoed/Slowking (make the Pokemon hold the King's Rock then trade it and it will evolve).