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I have completed both campaigns, RDA and Na'Vi. I have found the gunship dragon at the end of RDA Campaign but no Leonopteryx at the end of Na'Vi. Apparently if you can somehow get back to the dormant well of souls, it is still sitting where you landed it but I can't get there to find out. So far it is impossible to ride after the last mission. Hope this helps

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Q: Can you ride the great leonopteryx again in avatar the game?
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Can you ride Leonopteryx a second time in Avatar the game?

Maybe you can ride Leonopteryx again.I am nearly there to find the answer to riding him again,I've completed half of finding him i need the other half if I've found the other half of finding him I will reply to you all.P.S Leonopteryx is a boy

How do you get the leonopteryx in avatar the game?

you dont know oh my god oh well you go to the place where you last you flew the leonopteryx and if you can get to the dormet well of souls and you will find it there iv done it before and also where ever you go the leonopteryx will follow shame on you looking for answers on the web instead of trying to figer it out P.S I'm not teling you how to get to the well of souls from Jesse

Avatar where to find great leonopteryx?

the last level, you get to TANTALUS (TA'ANTASI), and Toruk (the great leonopteryx) will be waiting on the grass lands, you will use him to get to the well of souls through falling rocks, no walking to get there, but to get there you must find the 4 songs by finding crystals and setting them in the correct places, take them all to hometree, (which you will get to after IKNIMAYA is destroyed) and you beat the game, then you can just have fun beating all the sector chalenges to win all the places.

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