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well i have packard bell and i have The Sims 3. but i dont think it doesnt work. i tried it and it worked but it was going a bit slow for me. But if your not sure ask someone in your family do they have a laptop which is suitable for a PC game. i go on my uncles laptop and it is amazing. it works. its fast its perfect.

My uncle has an Acer laptop and he got it updated to windows 7. before he updated it , it still worked. its amazing. But try anyway. best thing is to not have anything on it. but it depends on the GB you have on it. (also which service pack you have)

XP1 GB RAM (service pack 2)

Vista 1.5 GB RAM (service pack 1)

Good luck! any questions just ask!

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Q: Does the sims 3 work on packard bell?
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