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My guess is that you can't make your sim to a vampire on the sims 3.

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Q: How do you make your sim a vampire on Sims 3 the code for making vamps on sims 2 doesnt work on 3?
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Can vampires be pregnant on The Sims 3?

Yes Vampire Sims can become pregnant in the sims 3. In fact vampirism is genetic in sims 3. eg: Sim+Vampire= Sim/Sim/Vampire/Vampire Sim+Sim=Sim Vampire+Vampire=Vampire

Can vampire sims have babies?

Yes they can, but their babies will come out human, not vampire. Also, if you do not have any normal Sims in your house it will be difficult for your vampire Sims to look after their kids as they will burn in the sun.

What is the cheat to turn your sims into a vampire sims 2 ds?

You can not turn a Sim into a vampire on Sims 2 ds.

How do you be a vampire on Sims 3?

To become a vampire on Sims 3, you have to have the extension "Late Night". Supposedly you can go into an alley and ask a vampire to change you. Then you will be a vampire sim and will be able to change other sims and have vampire babies!

Can you become a vampire in Sims medieval?

No. You can only be a vampire if you get the sims 3 Late Night.

How do you become a vampire on the sims 3 pets?

You cannot be a vampire on the sims 3 pets.

Can you be a vampire on sims 1?

No, you have to have The Sims 2 and The Sims 2 Nightlife.

How do you keep a vampire alive in sims 2 nightlife for the PC?

You can keep a vampire alive, by purchasing the special bed for them (a coffin), and making them sleep in it from 3:00 AM to 7:00 PM. And then do whatever regular sims do at night. (Your Choice)

Can you become a vampire in sims 2 on ps2?

no, you can only become a vampire if you have the sims 2 Nightlife for the PC

Is vampire knight on Sims?


Can you be a vampire on the Sims 3 Xbox 360?

no, so far only the sims 3 late night expansion for the PC has vampire sims.

Can you make your sims a vampire on The Sims 3?

You may have to get the expansion pack named Late Night before otherwise you could be a vampire on the normal Sims 3 game if you can find a vampire to bite you

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