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No, but in The Sims 3 ambitions, if you are a stylist or a fireman you can go inside the work place.

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Q: Can you go inside the work place or school in the sims 3?
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How do you play your sims 2 when their at school?

Sims are not playable when they are at school or work.

How do you go to school with your sims?

You can't follow Sims to school or work.

Can you see your sim at work in Sims 2 PC?

No, you can not follow Sims to work or school.

Can you drive to work and watch your person while they are inside of their work on the sims 3?

yes ovcorse you can

School computer or gaming laptop needed for sims and school work?

The Sims 1 will work on any laptop or computer, it requires a low computer spec. However, Sims 2 and 3 will require a better performance computer such as a gaming laptop.

Where does turnell sims currently work?

He works at Franklin middle school

Is there a cheat to see your sims at school or work?

I don't think so. Sorry!

How do you go to work for a teacher on sims 3 ambitions?

You click the school and all you have to do is join it....

Why won't mp3s play in the original sims game?

They should work if they are in the right place.

How do you send teenage sims to school?

Click the career button, and where the send to work button would be should be a button that sends them to school.

On sims 3 can you see your work unlike sims2?

No, you can see them driving to work and going inside but then it does this "Rabbit hole" Thing where the Sim just disappears inside the building. You can watch them go into the building and loads of noise will come from inside that building. there is only four spots to save your work. the Sims 3 has great graphics but you cant save a lot of work. sometimes it makes my laptop freeze and shuts down..

Can you get cars on the first sims?

No unfortuantely... but you can call a cab and to get to work you have a carpool and children go to school in buses!!!!