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To me he is the most awesome pokemon in existence, though I doubt anyone else thinks that.

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Q: What rating does growlithe have in the Pokemon ranks?
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Can you battle a wild growlithe in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No. Growlithe is a Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon FireRed Version.

Are there growlithe in Pokemon Ruby?

There aren't any Growlithe in Pokemon Ruby, but you can trade for them from Pokemon Fire Red or Pokemon XD.

When does growlithe evolve Pokemon HeartGold?

Growlithe evolves into Arcanine when you give the Pokemon a fire stone.

What Pokemon did growlithe evolve from?

I think it is only growlithe and arcinine.

Where do you find a growlithe?

You can find a Growlithe in the Pokemon mansion. This is in FireRed only.

Where is growlithe in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Growlithe is only found in Heartgold Version.

Where can you catch growlithe in Pokemon HeartGold?

you can catch a growlithe at route 37.

What stone evolves growlithe on Pokemon gold?

Growlithe > fire stone > Arcanine

Where do you find growlithe in Pokemon indigo?

The answer is: you can find a Growlithe in one of a person's rooms or use the "pokemon locator" and find 'Growlithe' and click on that if it doesn't come up there is no Growlithes available

Where can you get a growlithe in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you can only get growlithe in Pokemon heart gold,i would just trade that's what i did!sorry!

How do you get growlithe in Pokemon Emerald?

Growlithe is not available in Pokemon Emerald. You will need to trade it from another game such as FireRed, LeafGreen, or Ruby where it can be found in specific locations or through in-game events.

Is growlithe a legendary Pokemon?

In the original Pokemon they paired Growlithe/Arcanine up with the legendary birds. But no, Growlithe is not a legendary Pokemon; it's just probably the rarest Pokemon in all of the games. And Arcanine is badass enough to be a legendary :) Hope that helped--Taylor