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I think it is only growlithe and arcinine.

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Q: What Pokemon did growlithe evolve from?
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How do you evolve growlithe in Pokemon Crystal?

You will need to use a Fire Stone on Growlithe in order for it to evolve, it will evolve into Arcanine.

In Pokemon who does growlithe evolve to?


When does growlithe evolve Pokemon HeartGold?

Growlithe evolves into Arcanine when you give the Pokemon a fire stone.

When does growlithe invole in Pokemon black?

First of all, it is evolve, not involve. To evolve Growlithe you must give it a firestone

When does growlithe evolve in Pokemon Fire Red?

Only when you use a fire stone on growlithe it will evolve.

How do you get Arcanine in Pokemon Silver?

You have to evolve growlithe.

What level does growlithe evolve in Pokemon black 2?

You aren't able to evolve Growlithe by level, but you would have to use a fire stone to evolve it.

Pokemon HeartGold how does growlithe evolve?

Fire stone

Where to get an Arcanine in Pokemon Emerald vba?

Get a Growlithe and evolve it.

How does growlith evolve in Pokemon hg?

Growlithe will evolve when you use a fire stone on it.

What level does growlithe evolve in pokemon tower defence?

Growlithe evolves with the help of a Fire Stone

What Pokemon evolve with a fire stone in Pokemon diamond?

Eevee Growlithe Vulpix