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It shows how effective a move is against a type of Pokemon.

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Q: What does the matchup app do on Pokemon platinum?
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What is poketech app in Pokemon platinum?

it app for

Where do you get cresselia in pokemon platinum?

There is a pokegear app that allows you to track pokemon. After you first come in contact with it, it will be trackable through that app.

Where can you find the Dowsing Machine on Pokemon Platinum?

its a poketch app.

Where can you find the Friendship checker app on Pokemon platinum?

You can find the app in the Pokemon Center in Eterna City. Talk to one of the girls.

Where do it say your time zone on Pokemon platinum?

On your poke'tch when you get it. It is app #1.

Where do you get the friendship app in Pokemon platinum?

The friendship app or frenship checker is given to you by a girl on the first floor of the Eterna city Pokemon center.

List how many Pokemon you can get in Pokemon Platinum?

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How do you get the mix happyness app in Pokemon platinum?

Go to eterna city and talk to the girl i the purple shirt and she will give you the app!!

What do you do when a Pokemon keeps moving places on the map app on Pokemon platinum?

Fly to the place, then walk in the tall grass.

How do you get app 6 in platinum?

Girl on the 1st Floor in the Pokemon center in Eterna City.

Where is the hotel key in Pokemon platinum?

use the itemfinder app behind the hotel entrance

Where do you make glitch Pokemon for Pokemon Platinum?

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