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Q: Does N from Pokemon have a birthday?
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When Regis's Birthday?

there are no birthday of Pokemon

What is a N in Pokemon indigo is it rare?

you can't find N in pokemon indigo. N is the second main antagonist (=villain) in pokemon black and white.

When is Cynthias birthday from Pokemon?


Can you capture N on Pokemon Black?


Is N a Zoroark in Pokemon?

No, N is fully human.

Who is M in Pokemon White?

There is no M there is a N but there is a N.

When is pokemon's birthday?

The pokemons birthday is the day you caught them. Your starter pokemons birthday is the day you started your adventure

Where can you find N on Pokemon White and Black?

You will encounter N many times in Pokemon Black & White.

Where does n go after you defeat him in Pokemon white?

N goes to a deferent Pokemon region to try to not be like he was.

Were to find rare Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

n e where

Where do you find the legendary Pokemon on Pokemon white?

in n's castle

Where can you find the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon white?

at n's castle.