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To refill ammo you must either reload or find an ammo box. (im not sure if they have ammo boxex in chaos theory). Other than that you just need to make due with what they give you. Its all part of the game

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Q: How do you refill ammo in splinter cell chaos theory?
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How do you refill ammo in splinter cell?'s been awhile. i think you gotta take out your gun and press A, depending on what system you're playing it on. preferably xbox

How do you refill amo on wild ones?

you buy ammo

How do you get ammo in splinter cell double agent for xbox360?

You need to look for ammo in every mission i think and i mean really look for it

How do you use the ammo refill in Wild Ones?

You don't use it it refills ammo automatically so tough luck

Were to find tomahawk ammo undead nightmare?

You can find tomahawk ammo by searching through undead bodies when they are dead, and by going to boxes which refill your ammo.

What is starburst ammo?

It is a type of round that is scored to intentionally splinter and breakup as it hits a target that has a change in density

What does the gray thing do for the clip refill from nerf?

You can attach it to the bottom of two clips so that you can flip it over and stick the clip in when you are out of ammo.

What are the cheats for thing thing 4?

sorry to tell you, but the closest you get to cheats is beat it on easy then using the armory to refill ur ammo on hard mode.

Is there any way to get ammo refill in multiplayer far cry 3?

no because they wanted to kill the multi so we wont share our maps., djkafnanisfgb awulbawa,fjawkl sfuha

On the game Black Ops does the MasterKey attachment allow you to refill your ammo with Scavenger Perk?

No. The Masterkey attachment is basically a shotgun attached to an automatic weapon. The Scavenger Perk allows you to pick up ammunition from enemies if the ammunition matches one of your guns and you have the room (you don't have the absolute limit for ammo).

What are cheats for tom clancy's splinter cell?

i hav 4 ps2 unltd. health=r2,r3,r1,l2,l3,r3 unltd. ammo=x,square,circle,circle,r1,l2,left'right

Is there any cheats for splinter cell Pandora tomorrow?

At the main menu press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down for unlimited health and ammo this is only cheat i could find and dont know if it works