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No you don't. If you want to play as the vocalist, you need one, but otherwise you can just use the other instruments to play the guitar, bass, or drum games. If you just have the guitar, of course, you can't play the drum game. Or the other way around.

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Q: Do you need a microphone to play Guitar Hero 5?
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Do you need a guitar to play Guitar Hero warriors of rock?

NO. but u do need either a drum kit, guitar or microphone to play.

Do you need a microphone to play world tour guitar hero?

no, world tour can be played without a microphone

Do you need special controllers for band hero wii?

Yes, you need a guitar hero wireless control, or a guitar hero USB microphone, or guitar hero drumset. You cannot play with the wii remote alone.

When playing guitar hero do you need 3 remotes to play with guitar drums and microphone all at once?

no. only for drums and guitar

How do you play Guitar Hero without a microphone?

figure it out

Can you play guitar hero 5 without a microphone?

Yes you can either get the Band Package: Guitar Hero Game, Drums, Guitar and Microphone or the single package only consisting of the Game and Guitar

Can you use Guitar Hero world tour microphone for Guitar Hero 5?

Yes. Guitar Hero 5 is great to play with friends. Singing rules!

Can you play guitar hero 4 without the set the mic and guitar and drum?

No. You have to have either the microphone, guitar, or drum to play the game.

Can you play guitar hero world tour with rock band drums and guitar and microphone?

you can with mic and guitar, but not drums

Can you play Guitar Hero warriors of rock with drums?

Yes. Every game after Guitar Hero III supports guitar, bass, drums, and microphone.

Can you use a Wii Microphone to play Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock?


How do you play the guitar and microphone at the same time in band hero?

you put the microphone in the top of your shirt and make it stay