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Yes, what the other guy told you is partially true (it deserves trophies) it has a total of 51 trophies! Enjoy Lost Planet 2!

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Q: Are there tropies for lost planet for ps3?
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Do you get awards on PS3?

Yes, they have tropies which are similar to the xbox 360's achievements.

When is the release date for lost planet for ps3?

Lost Planet 2 was released on May 11 2010 Lost Planet: Extreme Condition was released on February 26 2008

When is Lost Planet Colonies Edition Coming out for PS3?

Never No, its coming out.

What age limit is lost planet 2 for ps3?

Rated T for teen

When will Lost Planet colonies come out for ps3?

Never according to some of the game websites.

Is there going to be a Lost Planet 3 for the PS3?

Amazon says that the game will be released on March 31, 2013.

Will lost planet ever be for PS3?

Yes, it is comin soon, PSN had a mulitplayer DEMO up at one point

What video game should i get Lost planet 2 Blur or God of war 3 All for Ps3?

God of war 3

Is gta 4 lost and damed for ps3?

The Lost & Damned is a Microsoft exclusive (Xbox360) and is not available on the PS3.

Can you find lost PS3 controllers by the PS3?

You Cant It is impossible.

How many tropies have arsenal won?

27 in total.

When is the release date for Lost Planet 2 for PS3?

The North American release date was 2 months ago on May 11 2010. see related link