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Q: What is a twisted metal necklace or armband?
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What is a necklace or armband of twisted metal called?

A twisted necklace is called a torsade.

What the new twisted metal?

Twisted Metal Head on.

Can You Play Twisted Metal On The Internet?

some Twisted Metal Blacks for the PS2 and Twisted metal heads on for the PSP can be played online.

Which game should I get Battlefield 3 or Twisted Metal?

twisted metal

Black tooth twisted metal?

Sorry, but I don't believe there is a black tooth twisted metal, what you must mean is Twisted metal black.

How many people are in twisted metal head on?

there are 18 people in twisted metal

What psps have twisted metal?

Yes for the PSP it would be "Twisted Metal: Heads On"

When did Twisted Metal III happen?

Twisted Metal III happened in 1998.

When did Twisted Metal - video game - happen?

Twisted Metal - video game - happened in 1995.

Is twisted metal available on Nintendo Wii?

no, Twisted metal is a PlayStation exclusive gave series.

When was Twisted Metal III created?

Twisted Metal III was created on 1998-10-31.

When is the new twisted metal coming out?

The new Twisted Metal for PS3 comes out 3/11/11.