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The only game for the PS3 is Twisted Metal that will be out October 4 2011

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Q: Why doesn't 'Twisted Metal 4' work on PS3?
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Is there going to be a twisted metal for ps3?

According to the "Twisted Metal: Dark Past" documentary located on Twisted Metal Head On Extra Twisted Edition, there are hints surrounding the video in the form of strangely placed letters. When encrypted, it spells out "Twisted Metal is coming on PS3." Afterwards, David Jaffe comfirmed it. So yes, it is coming to the PS3.

When is the new twisted metal coming out?

The new Twisted Metal for PS3 comes out 3/11/11.

When will Twisted Metal 4 come out for PS3?

The game is a PlayStation Game from October 31 1999 and it does not seem likely to ever come out in a PS3 format. There is a Twisted Metal scheduled for PS3 release on December 31 2011 according to Gamestop

What do you do in Twisted Metal for PS3?

In twisted metal all you really do is crash into other cars to make them blow up i have played it and i would give it a 7/10 game

How many twisted metal games are there?

actually for ps1 there are fiveplus for ps2 are two plus psp is 1 plus ps3 are 1 so there are 9 twisted metal games

Does it work on cracks?

No the ps3 doesnt work on cracks

How many twisted metal games are their?

Twisted Metal 1, 2, 3, 4, Black, Small Brawl, Head-On, & Twisted Metal (2011) There are currently seven games in the series and the Eight Game for PS3 will be released in 2011 see related links

When will Twisted Metal for PS3 be released?

it is scheduled to be released on December 31 2011 according to Gamestop

Why doesnt your bluetooth on your PS3 work?

because its not connected correctly but ps3 always break

What is a good PS3 car shooting game?

Well in this year's E3 sony announced a new twisted metal.

What HIP-HOP OR RAP song has a sample from rocky 3?

The Champ - Ghostface Killah. It featured on Twisted Metal (PS3), which is why I know :-)

Why doesnt the multiplayer for modern warfare 2 work for the ps3?

It does worki have a ps3 with modern warefare 2 and the split screen and the online multiplayer work finemaybe your ps3 is not connected to the internet?