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anything that is a ground type. some Pokemon may already have dig like Diglet so you don't have to find the hm.

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Q: What Pokemon in emerald that learn dig?
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What Pokemon in Pokemon emerald learn dig?

Any Pokemon that are ground type should be able to learn DIG. Hope this helps :)

Can Linoone learn Dig in Pokemon Emerald?

Yes, Linoone is able to learn Dig by TM.

Can sandshrew learn dig in Pokemon Emerald?


Can Blaziken learn dig on Pokemon emerald?

yes. but you have to use the TM dig

When does zigzagoon learn dig?

In Pokemon ruby, sapphire, and emerald, Zigzagoon cannot learn the move dig.

In Pokemon emerald can the Pokemon vibrava learn the move dig?

it can if you teach trapinch dig before you evole it

Pokemon emerald what Pokemon can learn dig?

Most Ground Pokemon and some fighting types; I have a blaziken that knows dig.

Pokémon emerald what Pokémon learns dig?

There are many Pokemon that can learn dig, try someone ordinary like zigzagoon. Most rock Pokemon can also learn dig, like Geadude and onix.

What level does ninjask learn dig in Pokemon emerald?

If you level it up to level 45 you will be able to let it learn dig, but remember you'll have to delete a move to learn it.

When does nincada learn dig?

In Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, Nincada can learn Dig at level 45. It can learn Dig at a earlier level by using TM 28.

What level does trapinch learn dig Pokemon ruby?

Trapinch learns Dig at level 41 in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

Once tm28 is used where can you get another in Pokemon emerald?

You cannot not get another TM-28 [Dig]. However you can get your Pokemon to learn dig by breeding it with a Pokemon that learns it through levelling-up. mAvOoP