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you can with mic and guitar, but not drums

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Q: Can you play guitar hero world tour with rock band drums and guitar and microphone?
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Can the band items in Rock Band 2 be used in Guitar Hero World Tour?

Yes Rock Band drums, microphone, and guitar work on Guitar Hero World Tour.

Does rock band for wii come with the drums guitar microphone and game?

Yes the game comes with the drums, guitar, microphone and the actual game.

Can you use 3 guitars on guitar hero world tour or do you have to use just the band eg microphone guitar bass and drums?

You get the instruments of an average band, which would be guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, so the answer is no.

Is there going to be a Guitar Hero 4?

Mate its out its called world tour and it comes with fule band (guitar bass drums and microphone

Can you use the rock band guitar drums and microphone for Guitar Hero or band hero?

guitar hero, yes, band hero, sometimes.

Will the wireless guitar for rock band work with Guitar Hero 4 world tour?

Yes the guitar controller for Rock Band will work on Guitar Hero World Tour. Rock Band drums and microphone also work on Guitar Hero World Tour.

Can you use microphone guitar and drums at the same time with band hero?


What comes with rock band bundle for Nintendo wii?

a guitar, microphone, and drums

Can you playrock band without guitar?

Yes you can use the drums or the microphone to play.

How do you use the Rock Band drums guitar and microphone all together on Guitar Hero world tour for Wii?

you cant,you have to buy a all new set happy for you.And second rock band drums only has 4 pads and guitar hero drums has 5 pads.

Can you use 3 guitars on guitar hero world tour or do you have to use just the band e.g microphone guitar bass and drums...?

it is possible, look on GOOGLE.

Dos Guitar Hero microphone come with Guitar Hero drums?

Guitar Hero? I think you mean Rock Band. If so yes the mic. comes with the drums.