What is the honk and seatbelt rule?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Honk and Seat Belt Rule is used in a child custody/visitation case where the child is old enough to be seen in full view of the adult as the child walks to the car from the home and gets in the car. The can also be used in reverse as well...the child will go from the car and walk up to the home.

This Rule is used normally, regardless of who is At Fault, when parents don't have a good co parenting relationship. This Rule is a good way to eliminate any verbal and or physical contact through the parents if there is tension. In some cases where the step parent is the one to provide transportation, this is a good way for the parent and the step parent to not have contact. The Honk and Seat Belt Rule is a good tool to use. It gives the child who is at a responsible age to feel good about leaving one parent and going to the other parent with out having tension. It also gives the child a sense of responsibility. Hope this helps anyone who has questions regarding this. I actually use this rule myself for me and my daughter! Works out just great!

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Q: What is the honk and seatbelt rule?
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