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Sounds like Car #1 is at fault

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Q: Who is at fault if car no 1 backs out into car no 2 driving down the lane?
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Who is at fault if car number one has pulled out of the parking space and is driving down the lane but the wrong way when car number two backs out from their parking space and hits car number one?

In general, the driver who is backing is considered to be at fault.

Who is at fault if car 1 pulls out of a parking space into another car driving down the lane?

If you are pulling out and hit the other are. Person in the lane has the right of way.

Who is at fault if a car backs out of a spot into a car in the lane waiting for another parking spot?

the car backing out.

You were driving in the lane to turn left and as you were slowing down for the red light someone cut in front of you and damaged the side of your car who is in the wrong?

If you were already in the turn lane and they cut you off it is the other drivers fault. They should have yielded to you already in the turn lane.

Who is at fault in a shopping mall parking lot where you are driving forward through the lanes turning left into the drive lane when a car coming from your right hits your right rear end of the ca?

It depends if you pulled out without looking and/or too quickly so as to cut off the car on your right it's your fault. If you were moving very slow and they didnt see you and hit you its their fault. Although.. It is your responsibility as the car NOT in the driving lane to yield to the car IN the driving lane.

How do you use lane in a sentence?

She lives life in the fast lane. He was driving down a two-lane highway. Clark Kent was in love with Lois Lane. : )

Who is at fault in a car accident when you're backing out of your parking space slowing and he is driving down the lane backwards My right side back bumper hits his left side back bumper?


You were driving straight in the far left lane of traffic when truck came across the traffic lane without looking and you hit them in the side so who is at fault?

The driver of the vehicle that swerved into your lane would be charged with "Changing Lanes Without Caution."

Who is at fault Car A backs out of driveway on street with no cars in lane facing east while Car B enters middle lane going west and turns left into right lane behind Car A while A is backing up?

Legally the driver who's car "hits" the back of the other car.

If you are in the left hand turn lane and someone crosses over 2 lanes of traffic and hits you in the lane whose at fault?

It really depends on where they hit you and if you were moving. For example if you are stopped in the left hand lane waiting to turn (legally) and a car hits you, it is their fault. However if you are somewhere you are not supposed to be and they hit you, it is your fault for being there. It all comes down to the right of way and who has it.

If a car is drivening down a bus lane and they hit the car that is turing right into a side road who at fult?

They should not be driving in the bus lane to start with bus lane means bus lane end of story.

When driving down the road the lane on your left is marked on each side by a solid and broken yellow line what is the lane used for?

for passing other cars