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Nothing changes as far as your lease goes.

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Q: What happens if you lease a car and then move to another state?
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What happens to your felony record when you move to another state?

It remains.

If you have a lease on a house but your mother is sick in another state and you need to move back to take care of her can you break the lease and get your deposit back?

No. You mother's illness is not your landlord's fault.

When citizens move from one state to another state what happens to their right under the constitution?

their rights remain unchanged

When citizens move from one state to another state what happens to their rights under the constitution?

their rights remain unchanged

If i signed a lease today and i don't want to move in that community but i want to stay with the management company do you think they will let me move in another community?

They may if they have the space, but they have the right to hold you to the lease that you signed.

Can you break a lease in Utah if you are moving out of state for work?

You can break a lease to move for work--but the landlord has the rights noted in the lease. Providing 30 days notice and talking to him about the reasons for your move may reduce the money they expect for you to pay to get out of the lease. If you have a letter of employment from the new job may help. A job in the military is usually the only work-related reason for getting out of a lease early.

Can you move out of state while pregnant and married in the state of Arkansas?

Yes you can move to another state, but you can not take the children to another state till the divorce is given.

Can you get out of your lease if you get out of the military?

Each state is different and have their own rental/real estate laws, when signing the lease make sure that their is not a military clause which states that you can not break a lease with proof of orders. Most rental agents or companies will allow you to terminate you lease with orders to move to leaving the military. Make sure you put in a written 30 day notice and again depending on the state and your lease you may have to pay a penalty for breaking the lease.

CanI refuse to relocate if my apartment is being renovated?

As long as another apartment is being offered to you, you must move. If you do not have a singed lease, they can always make you move.

what happens if you want to move from where you just got an apt/?

The first thing would be to check the terms of your lease. It should clearly state how long the lease is for, what the penalties for getting out of the lease area and if you can sublet. Your options are pretty much just that. If you're lease ends soon or is month to month, give your notice and move when the lease is up. If not, check to see if there is a penalty to terminating your lease early. Sometimes it may be more beneficial to pay the penalty and get out of the lease than sticking it out. Your last option is subletting. This is when you sign another lease between someone who wants to stay in your apartment while it is still under your name. The policies for subletting vary by apartments so check with your landlord if you are unsure. Make sure that you have a formal agreement with the person staying in your apartment, because if they do something you are liable. You can always check with the landlord/apartment complex to see if there are other people wanting a unit. If so, they may let you out

How do you sue a landlord in another state?

You sue a landlord in which ever state you signed the lease and retained the property in. If the landlord resides in Toledo, Ohio and you rent a property and signed your lease in Monroe, Michigan, you sue in Monroe, Michigan. However, if your lease specifies that any civil proceedings must take place in the landlords state of residency, you're bound by the contract to file suit in the landlords state of residency.

If you sign a year lease and the landlord needs to move back in how long do you have to get out?

It will depend on your state law, but generally 30 days.