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A typical car seat has several built in harnesses and their own internal system of restraints designed to help protect young children who are not yet large enough to be protected by an automobile's traditional seat belts. A booster seat simply helps raise an older child up enough in the seat to be protected by the car's standard safety belt system.

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Q: How does a booster seat differ from a car seat?
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Are there seat belts in the middle for a booster seat?

no, but you have to connect the seatbelt connected to the actual car to the booster seat. but there is a seat belt in the middle for a car seat.

Can you use a booster seat in the passenger seat of car?

If you are still the age that you have to sit in a car seat then you can but you have to be taller than the airbag

When does a child not need a booster seat in the car?


Is it legal to drive with a child in a booster seat in a 2 seat car?


What kind of ride does the Booster offer?

The Booster offers safe, comfortable rides for someones child. Moving from a car seat to a booster seat still helps the child remain safe, while riding comfortably in the booster seat.

When converting a car seat to a Booster seat you no longer use the hooks to keep seat from moving?


How does the Alpha Omega car seat convert to a booster seat?

How long should a baby use a car seat?

A child should use a car seat until they are ready for a booster seat you will know when its basically like clothes they will outgrow it. they should be in the booster seat until they are 4 foot 9.

What height do you have to be to sit in the car with no booster seat?

you have to be 136cm or over

How do you attach a car seat booster?

Try reading the information that came with the car seat booster when you bought it. If you lost it or it does not help, try looking up the car seat booster and its brand online for help and additional information. You can also visit the store where you purchased it from and speak to someone in customer service regarding your issue.

A car that can hold a booster regular car seat and an infant car seat anything out there that can do that?

I don't think you can purchase something which will serve as a booster seat AND an infant car seat in one, if that's the thing you are after. It is possible to use two seats in one car though, just bear in mind that they should both be in the back and fitted well.

What are the advantages of booster car seats?

A booster car seat is designed for a child's safety. Any child under 80 pounds and under 4'8" should be in a booster seat. These seats make sure that the child is secure while in the car and make sure the car seat belt does not strangle them. This is important because when a car suddenly stops and the seat belt automatically tightens you do not want the child to be crushed by its weight in places like the throat.