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the most nearest should be 275/65x15

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Q: Is a 31x10.50r15 tire the same size as a 21575r15?
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Can tire 21575R15 be replaced by 21560R16?

Nope. the R15 and R16 are the size of the rim on the vehicle. they are not interchangable and must be the same.

What size tire chains do you need for a 1994 ford explorer XLT?

Same size as the tire.

Can you replace 20570r15 with 21575r15?

Yes, you can but your speedometer will be off and the vehicle will handle differently and mileage will be effected, because the 215/75-15 tire is 1.4" larger in diameter. If you wish to go to a narrower tire then go with a 195/75-15 which will be only .2" larger in diameter and is close to the OEM size of 205/70-15. Why not just put the correct size back on the car?

Can rotational tire be fitted with normal tire same axle?

yes as long as its the same size

Is it ok to run a 205 Tire on the rear with a 215?

Never mix tire sizes. Run the same size tire on both sides. You can run one size on the front and a different size on the rear but never on the same axle.

What tire size is the same as mt90B16 a 100 120 or 130?

130/90 16 is the conversion size for the front tire

What tire is the same size as mt90hb16?


Can you only change the road tire to a dirt tire without changing the wheel?

if their the same tire size then yes

What tire size is the same as mu85b16 a 140 150 or a 160 rear tire?

That is a 140/90-16 tire

What size tire replaces the 24550ZR16?

The ideal replacement is the same size it was built with.

Can a Ford Expedition tire fit on a Lincoln Navigator?

Yes, as long as the tire size are the same size... If your refering to rim size then... Yes, they will as long as there are the same bolt pattened. Depending on years too..

Can you fit a 20 inch rim on a 17 inch tire?

You can not mix different size tires and rims. The tire has to be the same size as the rim.