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Any time you make a donation to a credited organization you can receive a tax credit one the donation is over twenty dollars. You just need to ask for it when making you donation

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2011-10-11 21:23:20
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Q: Do you receive a tax receipt from Goodwill Car Donation?
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Will Goodwill accept a donation of a car?

Goodwill will accept the donation of a car. Be sure to check the webiste,, and get vehicle donation standards. You should go to the donations page, then to the donation acceptance guidlines tab on the left.

Can one get a tax receipt for used car donations?

Yes, you can get a tax receipt for used car donations. You will need to request and receive a tax receipt with the charity's name and federal tax number, date of donation and model of car and details.

How do I go about making a Goodwill Car Donation?

You will need to determine the fair market value of the car. Once that has been established you want to contact your local Goodwill office to begin the donation process.

Can you donate a car to Goodwill?

Goodwill does accept donations of cars at most of their stores. When donating a car to Goodwill you must give a reasonable estimate of the car's value if you wish to use the donation as a tax credit to charity.

Can a used car be donated to goodwill?

Yes, used cars can be donated to Goodwill. That car you don't need can be helping someone in need. Your donation of a car to Goodwill makes a difference in the life of your community and can result in tax advantages for you too.

How do I sign up for car donation tax deduction?

You don't need to sign up, you just as the company you donate to for a donation receipt at the time of donation.

How do I make an auto donation to a charity?

Find a reputable charity that you support and visit their website so see if they accept car donations directly. Once you find one that does, you can either drive the car to the charity's donation center, or often they have someone who can come pick up the car from your home. After the donation, you will receive a receipt and you can write off the value of the car on your taxes.

What are the steps when donating your car to charity?

When donating you car to charity you need to make sure that the charity is reputable, that they accept this kind of donation and that you can get a donation receipt for tax purposes.

Is a car donation eligible for a tax write off?

There are a number of rules and important details, but generally yes, you can get a tax write-off for a car donation if you have a receipt.

If I make a car donation, could that be considered a tax write off?

Yes. Just ask for a receipt when you donate the car.

Who do I contact if I would like to make a car donation to a company such as Goodwill?

Goodwill has a page on their website regarding car donations. They also have a locator to find the nearest Goodwill office to you. Webpage -

What is the minimum tax deduction to can receive for a car donation to the Goodwill?

You should be able to deduct the value of the blue book value of the car that you are donating. If you go to the IRS website, there are dozens of answers to questions revolving tax deductions of all types.

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