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Q: Why is it important to have an adequate vital capacity?
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How might vital capacity be important to some musicians?

higher vital capacity should help them to go to high pitch

What is the difference between Forced vital capacity and vital capacity?

there is no difference.

How does your calculated vital capacity compare to recorded vital capacity?

tu mama

What is vital capacity of lungs?

the vital capacity of lungs is 3.5 liters to 4.5 litres

What is vital lung capacity?

vital lung capacity is how much air remains in your lungs after you exhale

The lung volume that represents the total volume of exchangeable air is the?

vital capacity

For vital capacity what units are the measurements in?

My vital capacity is 1650cc (Yes, it's very low, but I'm twelve and I'm small). cc is used to measure vital capacity.

What might influence ones vital capacity?

bigger body surface area = bigger vital capacity

What is the lung capacity available for speech?

Vital Capacity (VC)

What is a teenage girls vital capacity supposed to be?

A teenage girl will likely have the same vital capacity as an adult woman. About 5 to 6 liters of air would be the vital capacity for a 15 year old female.

How is vital capacity determined?

Vital capacity is the amount of air you can breathe out after a maximum inhale. When it comes to determining vital capacity it’s basically calculated by the inspiratory reserve volume in addition to the expiratory reserve volume.

What is meant by relaxed and forced vital capacity?

force vital capacity is measure when the patient is ecxhating with maximal speed and effort