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My vital capacity is 1650cc (Yes, it's very low, but I'm twelve and I'm small). cc is used to measure vital capacity.

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Q: For vital capacity what units are the measurements in?
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Which units of measurements are used when calculating capacity?

capacity = volume = (any unit of length)3

How you convert ft into liters?

feet and liters are 2 different measurements- feet are units of measurement and liters are units of capacity

What is the relationship between metric units of measurements of mass and capacity and give examples of how they are used in the real world?


When you work with time capacity distance weight and temperature you are working with what?

Fundamental and derived measurement units.

What is the difference between Forced vital capacity and vital capacity?

Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) measures the total amount of air exhaled forcefully after taking a deep breath, usually measured within a specific time frame. Vital Capacity (VC) is the maximum amount of air a person can exhale after a maximum inhalation, regardless of the speed of exhalation. FVC is often used to diagnose lung conditions such as asthma, whereas VC provides a general measure of lung function.

In his theory Rudolph Virchow said vital units what do you call these vital units today?

'Vital Units' are called 'Cells' in todays world.

1-200 in si units?

1-200 in SI units typically refers to the range of values for measurements such as length, mass, time, etc., which are expressed using the International System of Units (SI). For example, 1-200 meters for length, 1-200 grams for mass, and 1-200 seconds for time.

How does your calculated vital capacity compare to recorded vital capacity?

tu mama

What is the capacity of a closet shelf?

To get the capacity (area) of a closet shelf, multiply the length of the shelf by the width of the shelf. Make sure that that both measurements are in the same units. i.e. bithe should be in inches, or feet, or centimeters. If you use different measurements, the resulting value will be wrong.

What is vital capacity of lungs?

the vital capacity of lungs is 3.5 liters to 4.5 litres

Why is perimeter is measure in units and area is measure in square units?

Perimeter represents the distance around the outside of a shape, so it is measured in linear units (such as inches, meters, etc.). Area represents the amount of space inside a shape, so it is measured in square units (such as square inches, square meters, etc.) to indicate the two-dimensional space enclosed by the shape.

What is vital lung capacity?

vital lung capacity is how much air remains in your lungs after you exhale