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Strength training B. Weight training C. Resistance training D. All of the above.

all of the above

all of the above

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Q: Which of the following can refer to the form of exercise that uses free weights, weight machines, resistance bands, or the weight of the body to put stress on the muscles?
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Do eliptical machines help abdominal muscles?

yes. they build cardiovascular mainly. with a combination of body resistance exercise you can tone abdominal muscles for free.

What effect does resistance exercise have on muscle mass?

Resistance exercise exerts particular muscles, and as a response, the muscles hypertrophy, causing them to grow larger and increase their work capacity.

What is resistance in exercise?

It is the force (weight) against which the muscles work.

How can you increase body muscles?

You can increase your muscles by doing regular exercise. gradually increasing resistance. following a proper diet and achieving proper rest...your muscles grow while resting not while working out....

How do you match exercises with the muscle groups they exercise?

Isokinetic-Exercise that uses special machines that provide resistance and control the speed of contraction; machines are generally used by physical therapists and are not readily available outside gyms or therapists' officesIsotonic-Exercise in which muscles move against gravity or a resistance weight for a specified number of timesAnaerobic-Depends on energy stored in the muscles (literally means "without oxygen")Aerobic-Means "depending on free oxygen"; strengthens the heart and lungs___________________________________________________________________________________________________Pushdowns- TricepDumbbell Flyes- PectoralsOne-arm row- ShouldersMachine Back press- Latissimus Dorsi

What are the benefits of a vibration exercise machine?

The purported benefit of vibration exercise machines is that muscles are worked, burning calories, with minimal exertion. It should be noted that these machines have not been clinically proven to be effective.

What is bands for execise and how is it useful?

Bands used in exercise provide resistance similar to that of weight machines. However, the resistance is constant, meaning that you'll get more of a workout through the same amount of time, as well as strengthening stability muscles which will increase coordination. Resistance bands are also more portable, easier to store, and much less expensive than traditional weight machines or gym memberships.

Which type of resistance training requires muscles to move against resistance through an entire range of motion?

The type of resistance training that involves muscles to move against resistance through an entire range of motion is called Isokinetic exercise. Here's the definition from the Glencoe Health Book: Isokinetic exercise- activity that involves resistance through an entire range of motion. I hope that helped you! :)

What compound is responsible for the soreness in your muscles following strenuous exercise?

Latic acid

What are the best ab exercise machines?

There are a number of machines, for both home and gym, designed to work the abdominal muscles. However, simple situps and crunches can work these muscles without the need to buy expensive equipment.

Would you need to do weights if you were in space?

Astronauts have work out machines to keep their muscles strong. They exercise every day.

Can vibrations help you get a six pack?

Using the ab muscles is what creates a six pack. Some vibration machines help exercise the ab muscles and they can help.

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