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I had a first or second degree burn on three of my fingers, the cold water helps but i had to sleep with my hand in a bowl of ice and water. If you do this and I recommend you do, be sure that you have enough water in it or the ice will stick to your burn. This worked for me but what ever you do don't put butter on it.

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Ok if it is a minor burn and the skin has not broken:

Run it under running water (tap is fine) for 15 minutes

Apply a hydrogel such as Solosite

Apply an Opsite clear patch over it and leave it on until it falls off

You can take paracetamol for pain relief when required

If it is a major burn (large surface area, skin broken, signs of infection) see the GP

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First determine how bad the burn is. For first and second degree burns(redness and blisters), you can run the burn under cool water. You can also apply an ice pack or some Aloe Vera gel/spray. If it is really bad, call 911. For third and electrical burns(charred/burned skin), you call 911. Then you cover the burn with a sterile bandage. DO NOT apply ointments, gels, or creams. DO NOT run under water or apply ice. DO NOT attempt to remove the clothing from affected area.

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run it under a cold tap and put sudocrem on it

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Q: How do you treat a burn on your hand?
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What do i treat a burn on my hand with?

In order to treat a burn on your hand it is important to know what type of burn it is. A superficial burn (known as a first degree burn) should be placed under cool running water. A partial-thickness burn (known as a second degree burn) will typically blister and should be submerged in cool water. A full-thickness burn (known as a third degree burn) is a serious medical condition and 911 should be called.

Now you are ready to treat the burn on her hand Since it's only a superficial burn what should you do?

Apply cool water to the affected area

How do you treat an air bag burn?

How do you treat an air bag burn

Why is plasma used to treat burns?

Plasma doesn't reall treat the burn. but it compensates the body for plasma lost through the burn.

How did the wagon trains treat hand burns from fires in the 1800s?

they put axle grease or an ointment made out of hog and lard

Firs step to treat any type of burn victim?

Access the burn

How did the early pioneers treat hand burns?

Early pioneers often treated hand burns by applying remedies such as aloe vera, honey, or even butter to soothe the burn and promote healing. They also used cool water or mud to cool the burn and provide relief. Additionally, bandaging the burn loosely with clean cloth or soft leaves was a common practice to protect the injured skin.

What do you put on a burn from the grease you were cooking chicken?

treat it like a regulary burn

How do you treat a caustic soda burn on your skin?

You can treat a caustic soda burn on your skin by putting natural healing substances such as aloe vera gel on the burn areas. This helps the skin heal quickly.

How to treat deceased peach trees?

remove and burn

How do you treat a burn caused by sand?

use cream

How do you treat ice burn?

To treat an ice burn, remove the cold source immediately and gently warm the affected area with lukewarm water or a clean towel. Do not rub or massage the area. Protect the burn with a sterile dressing and seek medical attention if necessary for severe pain or blistering.