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How long your period lasts, how heavy or light the flow is, how bad are your cramps / mood, the days between your menstruation and last but not least how often you are changing tour pad / tampon.

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Q: What things must you take note of during menstruation?
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Yes, pregnancy is a possibility during menstruation.A woman cannot get pregnant during menstruation as there is no egg present, however it is possible for there to be fertile quality cervical mucus present which allows the sperm to swim up through to the fallopian tubes where it can survive for up to a week - by which time the woman may ovulate. Thus pregnancy is a possibility as a result of sex during menstruation. It's also important to note that not all vaginal bleeding is menstruation, some women may experience mid-cycle spotting when they are at their most fertile and mistake it for a menstrual bleed.

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Here are things to women during the menstrual cycle occurs:During menstruation, the uterine wall is easy to get. Therefore, women should exercise an appropriate level of hygiene, since bacteria can easily give a beauty contest in the fifth and can cause diseases that affect the entire reproductive system.During menstruation, some women feel pain around the waist and hips. This happens because the uterus is attractive.For the implementation of hygiene standards and health and using tampons for menstruation, women need to replace 2-3 times a day after a shower and urinate every hour 03:04. This is to avoid irritation. Note that blood is a good way for the growth of bacteria, so it should be noted, replacement pads.When using a bandage and replace it, rinse well, then wrapped in paper and throw in trash. Close bandages cloth soaked in warm water with the best preparation in a bucket before washing.Source: Healthy and Beautiful Life

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