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It's not normal for a woman not to menstruate for a year - it's generally recommended to see your doctor if you go over 3 months without menstruating.

Although note absent menstruation is not always a sign of a problem, in your pre-teens or teens especially it may not be anything to worry about.

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Q: Is it normal not getting menstruation for a year?
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Is it ok to get your period after not getting it for a year?

Yes, menstruation is a normal function for most women. If you haven't menstruated for a year then there is a reason for this, if you have not been intentionally delaying menstruation via hormonal treatments or birth control then you need to talk to your doctor to find out why your periods are delayed like this.

Is 23 cycle of menstruation normal?

Is 24 days interval normal in menstruation cycle

What is the normal flow of menses is called?


Brown menstruation at the beginning of period?


White discharge before menstruation?

White dischare before or after your menstruation cycle is completely normal.

Normal menstruation occurs when?

When estrogen and progesterone levels are low, shedding of the endometrial layer (menstruation) occurs.

Is it normal for a 15 year old girl to miss her period?

Yes, this is completely normal. Irregular periods are normal within your teens as it takes time for your body to get into a regular pattern of ovulation, and thus into a regular pattern of menstruation.

Is it normal to experience bruises after menstruation?

No, bruise are not a normal occurrence from menstruation. It is possible to bruise slightly easier during this time due to being lower in iron.

Can this discharge mean you are pregnant?

If you have normal menstruation you cannot be pregnant.

Can you always get a women pregnant?

well where da hellokitty do u think u came from?!

Is it normal for breasts to express milk and swell during menstruation?

My wife is a nurse and she said "yes, it is pretty normal"

Is anal menstruation normal?

Anal bleeding is usually caused by hemorrhoids, not by menstruation. It could also be a symptom of a more serious gastro-intestinal illness, but it is never menstruation, which happens in a different orifice entirely.