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No, most guys prefer looking at females naked !

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No....Only those players and cheaters

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Q: Do all guys look at other women?
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When in a relationship why do women look at other men?

us men look at other women because well we are men and we will ALWAYS look at other women but to let you know we still will always love you(except when you get a divorce and fight and all that).there are some guys that don't look at women but that's only SOME guys. -Gondovia Men look at other women like paintings. It may be look good, have a nice shape or whatever but that doesn't mean he is going to buy it. Men are visual creatures by nature. Don't take it personally.

Do women mostly want a guy that every other woman wants?

That can or can not be true. Alot of women have certain tastes in guys and usually all women tend to have similar tastes in guys. But there are those women out there that know what they want and are very different from every other women. ....i hope that helps:)

How can I tell a women why I'm so different than all the other guys?

Get to know her before you tell her you are different than other guys. Find out her hobbies and her interests.

Do Black guys like Palestinian women?

Yes, Black guys like Palestinian women. Black guys find all nationalities of women attractive.

Would Megan Fox look better muscular?

YES! Throw a six pack on the women and the streets will be flooded with druel from all the guys who look at her!

Why do guys like girls with curves?

Not all guys do, it depends on the guys taste in women.

Why do guys act like guys?

guys act like guys because they try to look all cool around their women they try to protect her act like they are they shining armor but when the boys hang out with the boys the treat their women like a piece of tissue,a maid,and a servant that's why guys act like guys Because thei're guys.. kind of a no brainer dont you think??

Is your partner unhappy with you if you are overweight and he always looks at other women when you go out together and would he cheat if given the chance?

Men will look at other women and women (if honest) will look at other men, but as long as it's "look, don't touch" it's fairly normal. However, if all his attention is off of you constantly you need to either communicate to how you feel about it or give him a taste of his own medicine. Start looking at other guys and making comments about good looking guys to your partner. Most guys will glance at the odd woman when out and do it discreetely, but it's down right rude when your partner is constantly looking at other women and don't put up with it! You could be a #10 and he'd still be looking. Just like a kid in a candy shop. Stop second-guessing how you look, and put the blame on where it belongs ... HIM!

Why don't some girls like PDA?

Because they want to look available to all the other guys around or look like they are not to into you.

Why do women use the term guys when referring to other women in a group such as a woman leading an aerobics class of all women saying ok are you guys ready?

It is a way of slang i suppose, it is just another way of referring to a group of people but is not looked at in a male point of view.

Do teenage guys prefer the emo or scene look as opposed to preppy or normal?

all depends on what the guy like in a girl some guys will be into the whole emo/scene look (like me) however other guys will write the girl off because of it

Do canvas shoes look good on all guys?

No, canvas shoes does not look good on all guys