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I am thinking that the risk factors of health are Hereditary, Obesity, smoking, and I am thinking there is a forth but I do not remember it.

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Q: What are the 3 major areas of health risks?
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What are 3 major classes of health care?

The 3 major types of health is Emotional Health, Social Health, and Physical Health.

3 Are there health risks associated with using chemical pesticides?

Read the label and then you tell me.

What are the different types of risks involved in a business and how to overcome such risks?

The major risks involved in a business are : 1) Competition 2) Credit giving 3) damages and losses

What are 3 mental health risks?

you mean conditions of mental health or how you get em? Depression Anxiety disorder Schitzophrenia (spelling!) Bolimia Anoryxia (spelling!)

How do you lose 10kg in 3weeks?

10 kg are huge amount to lose in 3 weeks; you need give minimum 12 weeks of time to reduce that much of weight. If you try to lose you might be sick or it may leads to some other major health risks.

What are public health components?

The components of public health are: 1. control of environmental health risks say pollutive agents, carcinogenic agents 2. appraisal and regulation of health risks associated with emergent technology, biotechnology. GM foods for example 3. providing food security and nutrition 4. regulation of hazardous products 5. control and regulation of infectious diseases 6. access to health services and medicines K

What are Canada's 3 major fruit growing areas?

Okanagan Niagara Nova scotia

What are the 3 major areas of security?

physical security personnel security documents security

What are some of the risks associated with the infra red lasers?

The correct and safe use of an infrared laser pose no health risks. However, there is some danger if a class 3 or class 4 infrared laser is pointed at a human eye.

What are the 3 major areas of security management?

physical security personnel security documents security

What are the three major areas of professional careers?

(1) teaching, (2) research, and (3) design.

What are the core areas of public health?

I think , the core areas of public health are- 1.Epidemiology. 2.Biostatistics. 3.Informatics. 4.Ethics. 5.Global health. 6.Environmental health. 7.Social and behavioral science. 8.Policy and law. 9.Communication. 10.Genomics. 11.Cultural competence.