What to talk about with a boring guy?

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Make him less boring ask him questions then tell him to ask you. The conversation can get pretty interesting if you ask questions. A question that you could ask him is do you think im pretty or who are the prettiest girls you know.

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2011-08-02 14:37:33
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Q: What to talk about with a boring guy?
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How do I not be a boring guy when dating women?

Don't talk about work or the weather. Let Her do the talking and pay attention!

What does a guy mean when he says your cute but thinks you're boring?

it means you're good looking and not much fun to talk to

What do i say to the guy i like when im texting him we never know what to talk about and our converations are really short?

Talk about how boring school is or what things you think you have in common that usually strikes up a conversation.

What does it mean when a guy says he likes boring movies?

It means he himself is very boring.

Who is the guy that married his car?

mike boring

What is guy talk?

Guy talk, in the most basic definition, is conversation between one or more guys that revolves around topics that would not normally be discussed around women. Usually, the discussion would be boring, misunderstood or offend certain women, or about women in general.

What do you talk about with the guy you like he said you were boring when you really am anything but boring?

Don't be boring! He wouldn't say you're boring if you were anything but boring. Additionally; learning to properly use the English language, either written or spoken, will greatly help in your quest to have a conversation with this person; assuming their first language is English as well. From the looks of your question though, this person may be mistaking your "anything but boring" persona with someone of lower intelligence or lacking in education.

Is a discursive speech interesting or boring?

I know that is is very boring because lots of people talk like that

How can you ditch a boring guy?

put him down easy

What does it mean when a guy says you are fun?

I think it means that hanging around you is'nt boring. Or that you are not a boring person.

If a guy kisses you and he does talk to you for a few days what do you do to be noticed?

just sit next to him and talk about how boring someting is then he will agree then he'll say something else that's on the subject then your back on track with him. also you'll probably get his number

What do you say when you want to changed the topic?

it's a boring talk why dont we talk about interesting things

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