What does upset mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Upset means when somebody's unhappy, disappointed or worried

Synonyms: mad, angry, disappointed, anxious, worried, unhappy, etc.

Antonyms: happy, calm

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Q: What does upset mean?
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Why is Shawn michaels so upset?

What do you mean upset?

What is correct to get upset or you to be upset?

they both mean the same thing.

What does it mean when a guy says he is very upset?

He is very upset.

Is it mean to tag up someone's car windows with WASHABLE paint?

If it makes them upset, it's mean. If it doesn't make them upset, it's not mean.

What does miff mean?

Similar to upset/offended.

How do you make people cry?

be mean and upset them

What does iratus mean?

angry, mad, or upset

What does the word vexed mean in the bible?


What does your name mean barham?

Upset / not happy

What does outtraged mean?

Very mad or upset.

What does it mean when a boy asks you why you were upset?

He is worried about you.

What does the word pinangiyo mean in Malayalam?

Upset ?