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Corn syrup

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Q: Which egg was in hypertonic solution?
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Is an egg in water and food coloring hypertonic?

The solution is hypertonic compared to the egg.

Is TPN a hypertonic solution?


What refers to a solution with more molecules outside the cell than inside the cell?

hypertonic solution

A cell is dropped into a solution and the cell swells the solution is?

hypertonic hypertonic

What kind of solution occurs in your mouth when you eat something with salt?

hypertonic solution

What is hypertonic and solution and hypertonic solution mean?

a solution that has a higher osmotic pressure than another solution to which it is compared

If an animal cell shrinks it was probably placed in a . hypotonic solution hypertonic solution isotonic solution?


What effect does isotonic solution have on an egg?

Considering osmosis- If a hypertonic solution causes water molecules to leave an egg, and a hypotonic solution causes water molecules to enter a egg, an isotonic solution (where inside the egg and outside the egg the solute concentration is equal) water molecules would neither enter, nor leave a cell. I hope this helped :)

Is regular non-diet pop a hypotonic or a hypertonic solution?

I am pretty sure it is a hypertonic solution.

What TPN solution should burn patients use?

Hypertonic dextrose solution

How are hypertonic solution and hypo tonic Solution related?

A hypertonic solution has the solute greater than the solvent, whereas a hypotonic solution is the reverse.

What is the isotonic solution of corn syrup to egg?

its hypertonic. if it were in water, it would be hypotonic.