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Wait until her shadow moves away from the Security Room window, then run across.

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Q: How do you get past the night guard on Counterfeit Island?
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How do you get past the Security Office at night on Counterfeit island?

Just run past the window when the guard's shadow isn't visible on the shades.

How do you sneak past the night time guard on Counterfeit Island?

To pass the Security Room, wait until the guard's shadow is no longer on the window.

How do you get past the guard to get into the museum on counterfeit island?

You must go on the Underground Tour before you can apply for the job at the museum.

In counterfeit how can you get past the guys doing night work on the streets?

you cant its part of the island mission

What do you do when you get to the first floor of the museum at night past the guards on counterfeit island?

drink bleach, everyone knows that...

How do you get past the guard in the museum on Counterfeit Island?

Getting the JobYou don't. You can't apply for the job in the museum until you have taken the Underground Tour. Once you finish that, you can ask about the job.In the Museum at NightAt night, you can slip past the guard in the Security Room when her shadow is not seen.(see related questions)

Where is the other security guard on Counterfeit Island?

The red-haired guard you meet at the Museum is at the Clown Store after the painting is stolen. The female guard is in the Security Room. Slip past her at night to enter the museum. The next day, get the timecard from the guy guard (at the Clown Store) and take it to the Security Room in the museum.

How do you get past the snowballs on Counterfeit Island?

There are no snowballs on Counterfeit Island. (see the related question)

How do you avoid the security guard at night on Counterfeit Island?

Duck past the window, (arrow pointing down/yellow), to get past the security room, then when you enter the statue room, hide behind the statues. You then go out into the hallway and climb the rope above the painting and wait.

How do you get past the museum guard on Counterfeit Island?

At the museum, you can't enter until you have taken the Underground Tunnel Tour. (see related question)

How do you sneak past the guards on Counterfeit Island?

You have to get a balloon.

Where is the security guard protecting the gallery on counterfeit island?

There is no sign of him when you slip into the gallery at night, but you have to get past the female guard in the Security Room, and the lasers in the statue room. He is evidently still on duty after you are arrested, when The Scream is actually stolen. If you see him at the Clown Store, his timecard will let you determine what part of the videos to look on.