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use TM03

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Q: When does Vaporeon learn water pulse?
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Can Vaporeon learn surf?

YES! It is a water Pokemon and can learn to surf.

What level does Vaporeon learn water gun on Pokemon leaf green?


How does buizel learn water pulse?

Buizel and Floatzel can only learn Water Pulse with TM03. Not by leveling, a move tutor, or as an inherited Egg move.

What type is vaporeon?

vaporeon is a water type! :)

What lv does vaporeon learn hydro pump?

Vaporeon learns Hydro Pump at level 71.

What level does Vaporeon learn ice beam?

Vaporeon learns Ice Beam at level 36 in Generation I. In subsequent generations, Vaporeon must be taught Ice Beam by using a TM or TR.

What evolves from vaporeon?

Vaporeon does not evolve into anything. However, Eevee evolves into Vaporeon via a water stone.

Where do you get vaporeon?

You can get vaporeon in pal park, or evolve an eevee with a water stone.

What is the best eeve in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Vaporeon because it can learn more than just water type moves and it has great stats.

Where do you evolve your Eevee into vaporeon?

eevee evolves to vaporeon when you use water stone on it

What are Vaporeon's moves and when does it learn it?

at any level like 45,57

Can Lucario learn water moves?

yes in heartgold ang soulsilver TM 3 water pulse