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You can play many games. Ask your child, if its a surprise party ask some friends what tjey think is a good game to .

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Q: What games to play at a 12 year old girls birthday party?
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What games can 10-11 years play at a birthday party?

You can play board games

What are some games to play at 60th birthday party?


What are some games i can do before me and my friends go swimming in the pool for my 12th birthday party for boys and girls?

play spin the bottle, or 7 minutes in heaven

What are fun games to play at a Hollywood themed birthday party?

have a fashion for fun

What games can you play at a teen birthday party?

You can spin the bottle or improvise. thank you

What kinda games should you play at a 17th birthday barbacue party?

Hide the sausage?

What games should you play at your big 13th party with girls and boys?

Trivial Pursuit

What games could you play at a 12 years old birthday?

If it's a girls twelve year old birthday party than usually you play truth or makeovers....if it is summer or hot out then man hunt...swim..tell scary storiess...and whatever else there into...Boys IDK

What games can the girls play?

" the girls" can play any games they want to play

What are some games to play at a girls 11th party?

Some good games are charades. Maybe a disco and do makeovers. It will be great have fun

At a birthday what games are popular for kids to play?

The most popular for boys can be football, tag, basketball. For girls it can be makeovers, dressing up e.t.c Also playing on a bouncy castle is a great source of party entertainment for kids.

Any good ideas for twilight birthday party games?

I would say dress up as Twilight characters and play as them.