Are video games for boys only?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No girls can definitely play Video Games! Some are designed for girls!

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Q: Are video games for boys only?
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Why are boys addicted to video games?

Girls and Boys could be addicted to video games It gives you a feeling of want so that's why you do it more.

Why are little brothers obssed with video games?

video games are very attractive to young boys. Little brothers, especially. Boys are obsessed with video games because certain video games have things that boys really like. Such as Mario Kart, little boys whom like that game are interested in cart racing. Boys whom like games such as Black Ops are interested in war or guns. Each video game matches a boy's interest.

Do more boys or girls play more video games?

more boys do its a fact

Why do boys like video games?

I've got a little brother he loves video games so I decided to hide them from him for a week but the thing with boys is they can find it where ever you hide it so boys like video game's because they want cool girlfriends

What do 5th grader boys like?

nothing but video games and recess!

Why do boys like to play video games?

It's either that or fap.

Do boys play games?

Almost everyone has played a game of any form. For boys playing video games, most do. However, their are several video games that can be very different to each other, from logic adventure to mindless shooting.

What genre of video games are the most popular among teenage boys?

Variety of genre of video games are available in the market. The most popular among teenage boys can vary from action to sports to one person shooter games.

Why do boys like video games more than girls?

There are some girls that like video games as much as boys. But one of the reason is because of the violence used in them. Lately more and more girls play and like video games, they just don't show it as much as guys.

What can you be arrested for video games?

You can not be arressted for video games, only if you illigaly copy them and sell them

Are boys better at video games than girls?

heck yes, because boys are more active they mostly play sports like = football,soccer,basketball,and baseball and boys never really stop jumping and playing video games. Girls just make fashions, get their hair done,go shopping, cook[not that cooking is lame], and listen to music. So boys are better at video games then girls.

Is video games tycoon for boys?

Sure, if you like the game, go ahead and play it!