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Swimming! Or yo can invite them round to ur house and play games?

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Q: What should I do for my party where I want to invite 9 people boys and girls?
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How many people should you invite to your party?

you should invite how every much people you want to invite

How many people should a girl invite to her thirteenth birthday party?

13 as amny as possible! this is you becoming an official teenager, it has to be big, right? but definetely invite guys to party, and then girls to saty for the night. you must invite your crush, it will really help your chances!

Is it right to invite guy friends to a party with girls there?

Teens should mix so why not?

How many people should you invite to a party?

as many as you want or as many people that could fit in your pool?

Do you need a licsence for girls if its a party?

No, you just need to invite them and have some fun!

What do you do if you want to invite your guy friends to your birthday party which is going to be a pool party when you know they'll be drooling over all the girls including you?

well dont invite him then.

Who should I invite to my Birthday Party?

your friends

What do you do if you are forced to invite a younger guy to a party of older girls?

Invite him. So what he will be there? He will have the time of his life you and you may even be doing him a favour.

My best friend didn't invite me to her birthday party should I invite her to mine?

If she really is your best friend invite her to your party maybe she had a party with one friend and it was a girl she knew you wouldn't enjoy! just invite her and see how it goes!

What should you do for your 12th birthday you want to invite boys and girls but don't want it expensive?

buy 1vid game trust me it works

In Maplestory how do you join the henesys party quest?

You must receive a party invite from somebody or create a party and invite people to it then find a empty channel and do the quest.

Should i invite my sort of worst enemy to your birthday party?

That's up to you. It's your party - invite whoever you want. If you're not comfortable having your 'worst enemy' there - don't invite them.