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This is technically the 5th gym, although you can defeat the 6th gym in saffron city before it.

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Q: What gym number is fuschia city in fire red?
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What gym can you use surf after in Pokemon LeafGreen?

I think the gym in fuschia city

How do you sanitize a gym?

Travel to Fuschia City and file a complaint at the sanitation department. They will be able to sanitize your gym in no time.

Where is the sixth gym in Pokemon Yellow?

The sixth gym is in Fuschia City, where you fight Koga, Poison type leader.

Where do you go after fuschia city in Pokemon fire red?

The answer depends on if you took on Fuschia after Saffron or before. If before: Head to Saffron City, to get access to the gym you will need to defeat all the Rockets, your Rival and Giovanni at Silph Co (the massive building in the centre of town). Once that is complete you can challenge Sabrina in her gym. If after: If I remember correctly you will need to Surf via Pallet Town to get to the next Gym in Cinnabar.

What badge do you need to use surf in pokemon leafgreen?

the one you get from the gym in fuschia city.

Who is the 5th gym leader in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Koga, he is in fuschia city, he uses poison Pokemon

How do you surf in LeafGreen?

Defeat the gym leader koga in fuschia city, then you can teach your Pokemon SURF.

Surf Pokemon Blue?

Surf is found in the depths of the Safari zone in Fuschia city (Koga's Gym).

How where do you get to the fifth gym leader in FireRed?

The fifth gym leader is Koga. From Celadon City, you can wake up the Snorlax in the west and ride down the bike trail to Fuschia City, or from Lavender Town, you can exit south and wake up the Snorlax there and proceed south and then west to Fuschia City. Inside Fuschia City, in order to get to the gym, you must go down between the path that goes west and that large rock formation. It's a little confusing getting there. If you know Fly, your Pokemon can just automatically bring you to the area. But the gym is in that row of buildings, and Koga and his gym challenge will be waiting inside for you.

How do you get to the fifth gym leader in red?

after getting the Pokemon flute go west of celadon city and wake up snorlax and then head south to fuschia city which is where the 5th gym leader is.

How do you find the hm deleter in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in fuschia(might be misspelled)city the poison type gym place

What are the gyms in HeartGold and soul silver?

Johto #1: Violet City Gym #2: Azalea Town Gym #3: Goldenrod City Gym #4: Ecruteak City Gym #5: Cianwood City Gym #6: Olivine City Gym #7: Mahogany Town Gym #8: Blackthorn City Gym Kanto #9: Vermillion City Gym #10: Saffron City Gym #11: Celadon City Gym #12: Fuschia City Gym #13: Cerulean City Gym #14: Pewter City Gym #15: Cinnabar Island Gym #16: Viridian City Gym