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Giuseppe Verdi is a famous Italian Opera composer.

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Antonio Vivaldi is a composer that begins with the letter V.

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Q: What are some famous music composers that begin with the letter V?
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What are the names of famous composers whose last names begins with letter g?

George Gershwin was a famous music composer. His name begins with G.

Who are the famous composers of piano music of the romantic period?


What do Chopin Mozart Delius Mahler have in common?

All these people were famous composers. Their names also happen to have six letters.

Who is the famous composer that wrote his music in Austria?

A few of the famous composers who wrote their music in Austria were Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart and Vivaldi. Vienna was the capital of the musical world during the Classical period and many composers moved there or at least spent time there.

What did all the famous classical composers have in common?

well, they all composed music from 1685-1957

Who are tha famous filipino music composers during 20th 21st century?

lea salonga

What are some celebrity last names that begin with the letter L?

Miranda Lambert is a famous country music entertainer.

What are the names of some marching band music composers?

Most of these composers are from America or Europe. They include Henry Filmore, John Heed, Karl King, and one of the most famous composers, John Philip Sousa.

What famous dance music composers are there?

Beethoven, Bach an many more just look it up in google(:

What is a composer of music?

A composer of music is one who composes music. Composers make music, whether it be by ear or by writing it down. There are "rules" that they follow but they (the rules) have changed many times according to the time period and influences. Some very famous Classical composers are Bach, Betoven, and Mozart.

What are 3 famous modern composers?

Any discussion of Asian music would have to include Toru Takemitsu, who was one of the first Eastern composers to gain worldwide recognition for his music. I would also say Tan Dun, who has written the music for many well-known movies (Hero, Crouching Tiger) as well as a large Classical repertoire. Other famous Asian composers would be Bright Sheng, who teaches at the University of Michigan, Akira Ifukube, who is most famous for the music of Godzilla. Other well-known composers would be Ichiro Nodaira, Isang Yun, P.Q. Phan, and Xian Xinghai.

What was the composers for classical music?

There were many composers in the Classical Period. Some of the more famous ones include Franz Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig van Beetoven.