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Eating calories will not provide to losing weight, what you want to do is find the amount of calorie deficit you should keep daily in order to lose the total amount of weight.

If you want to lose 80 pounds, one pound is equal to 3500 caloris, so you will have to burn 280,000 calories. Over one year you will have to create just about a daily calorie deficit of 785 calories.

Personal calorie needs differ from person to person, depending on amount of muscle, amount of daily excercise, and overall lifestyle, so I can't tell you how much to eat, sorry!

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Q: You weigh 291 pounds how many calories do you need to eat to loose 80 pounds?
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If you weigh 119 pounds and then loose 350 calories how many pounds would you weigh after that?

it depends on how much you sweat during the workout, 350 calories doesnt weigh much, but water weight does

I am 5'2 and weigh 198 pounds how many calories should i consume a day to loose 60 pounds?

I am 5'2 and wiegh 198 lbs how many calories should i consume a day to loose 60 lbs?Read more: I_am_5'2_and_wiegh_198_lbs_how_many_calories_should_i_consume_a_day_to_loose_60_lbs

How many calories should you eat if you are 4'11 and weigh 140lbs?

I would say somewhere around 1,200 if you want to loose roughly 2 pounds a week :)

You weigh 214 pounds how many calories can you eat each day to lose 5 pounds a week?

1200 Calories

How many calories a day to weigh 130 pounds?

That ones easy! To weigh 130 lbs you need to eat 130 calories a day

How many pounds do you loose if you burn 1080 calories a week?

It depends entirely on how many calories you are putting into your body every week.

How many calories should you eat to lose 100 lbs?

If you want to loose 100 pounds, it depends on your height, current weight, and age. Hear is a trick: if you weigh between 150 and 300 pounds, then multiply your weight number by seven. That should give you your amount of calories for each DAY. If you weigh more than 300 pounds, use that as your starting weight and multiply that by seven.

If you weigh 95 pounds if you eat 75 calries ever day how many pounds will you weigh in a week?

less than 95 pounds because 2000 calories maintains your weight less calories lets you lose weight more calories lets you gain weight

How many calories does a 106 pound with the height of 5'3.5 female need to weigh 95 pounds?

First of all, if you are 5'3.5 and 106 pounds, you should be asking how many calories you need to weigh 115 pounds!! You don't need to lose weght, you need to gain it.

If you weigh 190 pounds how many calories should you eat a day to lose weight fast?

1,500 calories a day

How many calories should I eat to weigh 180 pounds and my height is five foot eleven inches?

about 2000 calories

How many calories should a sedentary woman eat to loose 10 pounds in a month?

A sedentary women needs about 1,600 calories.