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the color of your tongue generally doesnt change. but the cotton mouth associated with marijuana will give it a dried out appearance sometimes with a thick coat of white saliva.

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2011-01-30 07:57:13
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Q: What is the color of your tongue after smoking marijuana?
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Will smoking marijuana turn your tongue green?


Does smoking marijuana turn your tongue green?

No it does not.

Can you smoke marijuana after you get a tongue percing?

You should wait until it is healed before smoking marijuana, just to be on the safe side. Many people believe that the "suction" caused by smoking marijuana can affect the healing process. Wait until your piercing is healed before smoking weed.

How can a police officer can tell your high on marijuana by looking at your tongue?

They cannot know for sure, but it is an indicator. When smoking marijuana, the tongue sometimes becomes dry or white. In slang it is known as "having cotton mouth." There are also oral swabs that many officers carry. The swab tests for marijuana. The officer can swab the tongue and get a result right there on scene.

Can smoking marijuana be bad for your teeth?

Just like smoking a cigarette, smoking marijuana can be bad for your teeth.

Does smoking Marijuana deplete Vitamin D in the body?

Smoking marijuana is awesome

What is the percentage of someone dying from smoking marijuana?

You cannot die from smoking marijuana.

Will smoking marijuana infect a newly pierced tongue?

Smoking anything will effect your new piercing, you need to make sure you have cool water to drink while you are smoking so the residue doesn't stick to the barbell or get into the piercing.

Can a marijuana smoking man get you pregnant?

yes The same way a non-marijuana-smoking man can.

What will cause you to fail a marijuana test?

Smoking Marijuana

After smoking marijuana how long does it take to show in your urine?

Within three hours after smoking marijuana it is detected in the urine. Within three hours after smoking marijuana it is detected in the urine.

How can you get rid of red eyes after smoking marijuana?

By not smoking it

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