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You cannot die from smoking marijuana.

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Q: What is the percentage of someone dying from smoking marijuana?
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Is cannabis fatal?

No, there has not been any records of someone dying from marijuana. And if marijuana was fatal, I highly doubt doctors would prescribe it to cancer patients.

What are the dangers of marijuana?

You might get caught. You may forget things because you are focused on other things. Other than that there is no proof of anyone ever dying from marijuana smoking alone in the 5000 years of its use. The cleanest way to use marijuana is in vaporizers.

How many people died from smoking weed?

People do not die from simply smoking marijuana, they may have been under the influence of the drug while dying. Unless the person is only breathing in marijuana smoke (by force) as seen on an episode of CSI where a young man was forced to inhale, and unfortunately it caused him to suffocate when he was no longer intaking oxygen to his lungs. The marijuana itself does not kill someone though. In Britain, official government statistics listed five deaths from cannabis in the period 1993-1995 but these proved to have been deaths due to inhalation of vomit after smoking the drug.

How much percentage does your death chance increase if you smoke?

All living things stand a 100% chance of eventually dying. Smoking won't change that. What smoking will do though, is to increase the risk of you dying before you've reached the average age at death.

What are the ill effect of smoking?


How long will it take for marijuana to kill you?

There have been no cases of people dying from marijuana use.

What are premature deaths?

A premature death generally refers to someone dying at a younger age of something unexpected. If someone dies from smoking at young age, it is considered a premature death.

Can you die if marijuana is laced with meth?

you can die from marijuana alone. it's about a 70% to 30% chance you die the 70% being yes and 30% being no. but if you do drugs it is almost definite you will not live past 50 years old... but you have more chance from dying in a car or smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol.

What would be the percentage of people dying from the plague?

The question is underspecified:Do you mean:people dying of plague as a percentage of the total population?people dying from the plague as a percentage of people dying from all causes?In either case, it would also be helpful to know where and when.I would suggest that on Antarctica, in the sixth century, the percentage of people dying from plague was zero!

What does it mean when marijuana plants have single leaf?

The plant is probably dying

Who passed the law for smoking in public places?

heather crow was dying of lung cancer and had a law passed about smoking in restaurants

Is it normal if the bottom 2 leaves are dying on your marijuana plant?

No! The bottom three leaves are the main receptors of energy them dying is a sign of contamination!