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you can die from marijuana alone. it's about a 70% to 30% chance you die the 70% being yes and 30% being no. but if you do drugs it is almost definite you will not live past 50 years old... but you have more chance from dying in a car or smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol.

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Q: Can you die if marijuana is laced with meth?
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What are the signs that marijuana is laced?

if you die after you smoke it

Can marijuana be laced with meth?

yes weed can be laced with almost any drug, but it's very unlikely. Most weed I've seen was laced with sand or fiberglass to add weight, but i doubt anyone would lace it with meth or any other drug (real drug, can still be sprayed with rat poison or something).

Can you die from marijauna?

It is possible to die from anything, including marijuana. If the marijuana is laced with something, that could cause problems. If a person smokes marijuana and then drives, they could get into an accident which could cause them to die.

What will make a test positive for meth and marijuana?

Meth and marijuana

Can your kitten die from marijuana intake?

not unless you smoke it out in a room with low oxygen (death by suffocation) or unless your stuff is laced

How many people die each day in the US from drugs?

Well that depends on the drug. There are 0 deaths from marijuana unless it was laced with another drug but from weed that isn't laced there are 0 deaths.

Can Marijuana be laced with DMT?

Yes, marijuana can be laced with DMT. DMT can be made stable in a powdered form, at which point you can put it into a marijuana cigarette or whatever you use to get high. HOWEVER... The effects of DMT are so much stronger than the effects of marijuana that you wouldn't even notice the pot. DMT is an extremely potent drug. Marijuana CAN be laced with DMT, but it is an unnecessary and wasteful practice.

Are marijuana and crystal meth both THC drugs?

No, they are not. Marijuana contains THC, Crystal Meth contains Ephedrine.

What is a meth bomb?

A meth bomb is a tab of MDMA (Ecstasy) that has been laced with methamphetamine. Try to stay away from these, buy a testing kit.

Can Marijuana and cocaine be mixed together?

Yes, it can be. It can sometimes be referred to as a Philadelphia blunt.. Its just a marijuana laced with cocaine.

Which drug is the most commonly used illegal substance in the United States?

Marijuana is definitely the most widely used illegal drug in the US. Marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug.

What drugs are bad for your kidneys?