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Smoking marijuana is awesome

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Q: Does smoking Marijuana deplete Vitamin D in the body?
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Does zince deplete vitamin a?

Zinc does not deplete vitamin a. Rather, zinc is needed to make retinol binding protein, which mobilizes vitamin a from the liver so that your body can utilize it.

Does marijuana deplete vitamins in the body?

No. Marijuana does not deplete any "vitamins" in the body. It does cause less iron to be carried in your hemoglobin in your blood, so you get a tired/lazy feeling but that's only temporary while you're actually under the effects of the drug. Marijuana mimics a certain chemical that is natural to your body and brain that controls appetite, mood, sleepiness, anxiety, etc. The only real harm it does to you is in your lungs, which can be alleviated with a vaporizer or by eating it instead of smoking.

What effect does smoking have on a persons body functions?

smoking what? a cigarette? marijuana?

Does smoking marijuana leave toxins in the body?


How does marijuana get into the body?

Though the mouth via smoking

Is there a substance that fools your body into thinking you are smoking marijuana?


How does marijuana get into the human body?

Though the mouth via smoking

How long after you quit smoking marijuana until your body recovers?


How long marijuana stays in body?

marijuana stays in your body temporarily for a few hours in to you urinate the effect will go a way.....

Is it harmful to eat marijuana brownies?

Of course it is! It has the same effects as if you were smoking marijuana; you are harming your body (mostly mentally).

Does smoking marijuana change the amount of THC that the body naturally produces?


What 3 areas is marijuana stored in the body after smoking?

After smoking, marijuana is stored in the body in the fat cells, bloodstream, and organs such as the liver and kidneys. It can be detected in these areas through drug tests.