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wean a guy hugs you and he pot his hands an your upper back what does this hug mean?

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Q: What does this hug mean he puts his hands on your upper back and then hugs for long time?
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Why did he started giving you hugs wean you did not hug before and your hugs lost quite long time?

his feelings have changed toward you

What does it mean when a guy friend hugs you for a long while with both hands and they tell you that its been a long time they haven't seen you and its only been one day they haven't seen you?

Either he's an idiot, or he doesn't remember seeing you the previous day.

If a girl hugs you a lot and when she does it's for a long time and even puts her arms around your waist but when she hugs other people it's not for as long and just like a normal 5 second hug?

she probably has a thing 4 u and is giving u clues. So maybe u should give her clues back.

What does it mean when a guy hugs you from the back but has a girlfriend?

It depends on how long the hug is..If its a long one and u guys rock side to side then that means hes a total player. If its short then that means hes a play full guy.

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Honey you should already know the answer to that.You confessed that you liked him and no doubt he likes you to.If his hugs are longer then usual then talk to him about it he obviously has feelings for you:"He who asksis a fool for minutes,He who doesn'tis a fool forever!"

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What does that mean if your guy friend who's not close to you hugs you many times and at the end hugs you for a very long time but doesn't do that to others on the last day of school?

He likes you and wants to let you know without telling you that he does.

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