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they're oblivious to what's going on around them

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Q: What do you call someone who doesn't know what's going on around them?
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What do you do if a boy only treats you nice sometimes and hardly talks to sometimes?

Try talking to them, if that doesnt work, ask around and see whats going on. If he still doesnt talk to you, give him some space and let him come find you next time.

What is Ke pasa in Spanish?

"¿Qué pasa?" in Spanish translates to "What's up?" or "What's going on?" It is a common informal greeting to ask how someone is doing or what they are up to.

Is cutting a cats nails animal cruelty?

No because it doesnt hurt them it just scares them because they dont know whats going on.

How do you know if someone loves you when you see them holding hands with a girl just once?

IF he is not doesnt act like he normally do when he around you than he is confued on wearther or not he loves because you and him could of had a tough relationship and he might be seeing whats out there to see.But there is always a way you can tell someone loves you

What are the effects of electricity in human life?

we get to know whats going on around the world

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you just have to move on You may try talking to her and seeing whats going on, if she has any feelings whats so ever about you. If that doesn't work you may have to try to move on. I mean if she doesn't love you why must you always feel so alone and hurt for someone that doesnt even care for you. If they don't want you then you shouldn't need them =)

Why do you whisper to wake someone up?

Don't you wonder whats going to happen when u wake up?

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Why do people have to be so dam nosy?

because people like gossip and knowing whats going on around them.if someone has been nosy towards you,then dont get mad at them.everybody gets curious.

If a guy knows you like him but doesnt like you how do you get him?

you don' cut your loses & find someone that does like you. whats the sense in wasting your time? plenty of fish in the sea!

What should you do with a boyfriend that won't call you?

um if he wont call you then call him and find out why he wont call you ask whats going on and if that doesnt work, write him a letter and give it to him or ask him at school. but figure out what is going on..

What does observable mean?

it means like when your looking at the project your looking at whats happening every day... =]]it means by watching something and seeing whats going on around it so that if someone ask you, you can be able tell them what happen...It means to take notice of things around you. To learn by watching. For example, I observe that you spelled the word 'does' wrong in your question.