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In short, NO. Only a licensed medical physician can prescribe medications.

This may be changing to some extent. Although many chiropractors pride themselves on taking a drugless approach to health, in New Mexico chiropractors are on their way to having have some very limited prescription privileges (only after advanced training and certification). Further information is detailed below:


A certified advanced practice chiropractic physician may prescribe, dispense, and administer herbal medicines, homeopathic medicines, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, glandular products, naturally derived substances, protomorphogens, live cell products, gerovital, amino acids, dietary supplements, foods for special dietary use, bioidentical hormones, sterile water, sterile saline, sarapin or its generic, caffeine, procaine, oxygen, epinephrine, and vapocoolants.


Also, see page 11 of the following link:

So, while it appears Chiropractors have some very limited prescription privileges forthcoming, until a formulary is approved by the NM medical board (within some very stringent rules set down in HB 275 itself), the actual meaning of "prescriptive privileges" will be unclear. It should be noted, that any and all "dangerous substances" on the formulary have to be approved by the New Mexical Medical Board.

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It is generally required that a person be an MD (Doctor of Medicine), DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine), PA (Physicians Assistant), OD (Optometrist), DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine), DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine), DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery), or DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) to write a prescription.

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Many offices will accept a note from a chiropractor, but some will need a GP or specialized doctor's note instead/as well. Check with your HR manager to find out for sure.

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Q: Can chiropractors write prescriptions
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Can chiropracters write prescriptions?

No, chiropractors are not licensed to practice medicine and cannot, therefore, write prescriptions.

Can a DC write a prescription?

In most cases, a chiropractor does not have the authority to write a prescription for legend medication. In some states, the chiropractor can write a a prescription for over the counter medication. In many states chiropractors can write prescriptions for physical therapy, diagnostic testing, or durable medical equipment. Some states, such as New Mexico, have been considering limited prescriptive authority for chiropractors.

Can dentists write prescriptions?

Dentists write prescriptions for pain medication and antibiotics. They would not write prescriptions for depression medication. They write prescriptions that deal with dental issues.

Can a nurse practitioner write prescriptions in California?

Yes, nurse practitioners can write prescriptions in California.

Can sports medicine physicians write prescriptions?

Sports medicine physicians can write prescriptions if they have an M.D.

Can a Naturopathic doctor write prescriptions?

Naturopathics are not licensed medical doctors. They cannot write prescriptions.

Can resident doctors write prescriptions?

Yes, resident physicians can write prescriptions. They are licensed (though not yet board eligible or board certified) physicians.

Can a orthopedic surgeon write prescription?


Can a pyschologist write prescriptions?

No, but a psychiatrist can. There has been a good few battles over the subject of allowing them to write prescriptions, but as of right now no.

Can a pa-c write prescriptions for narcotics?

The laws vary from state to state. In New York, a PA can write prescriptions for narcotics.

Do research doctors write prescriptions for pain?

There are many types of doctors in a variety of fields. In order to write prescriptions, an individual must be a licensed physician (MD or DO).

Can D O doctors write prescriptions?