How can you show sympathy?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You offer what ever help you can be. You listen. You cry with them. You do what you can to let them know that even if you can't understand exactly how they feel; you care about them and you are there for them. While I was pregnant I was bed ridden for a month and in constant pain. My friend sent a maid over to clean my house for me. It was so thoughtful of her and so practical. That is the kind of thing that lets you know that someone really cares and is not just saying things to be nice. When my cousin died at 22, some of my relatives and myself stayed all night with my aunt at the funeral home talking about him. We laughed and cried and she never felt alone. It meant a lot to her that we stayed. What ever you do; do something. Don't just say I'm here for you and then forget about it.

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Q: How can you show sympathy?
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A word that describes to show sorrow for bad is 'sympathy'.

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